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Claim Strength – How Strong is Your Case?

Slam dunks are more common in the WNBA than they are in litigation.

If a lawyer ever tells you that you have a slam dunk, can’t-lose case, shop around for another lawyer.  It’s perfectly fair to think you have a strong case, or even a very strong case, but anything can happen in a courtroom.  Judges are people, and they can be influenced by factors you may not have anticipated.

And when I say “influenced,” I’m not talking about bribes or anything unethical.  I just mean that it is entirely possible that a judge or jury could see something in your case or the other side’s defense that you don’t.

One skill that is incredibly useful in evaluating the strength of your claim is the ability to see the world through someone else’s eyes.What arguments would the other side make?

We’ve created a series titled ‘Litigation ROI’ to help you evaluate whether it makes business sense for your company to enter into litigation. Take a look at video number 1 “Claim Strength” below and CLICK HERE to get the rest of the series. There are 7 components to really help you determine if it’s worth it.

Claim Strength

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