Yes, you read that right – no cost.

Part of what makes us unique is that we don't believe you should be charged for every conversation. So we're happy to sit down with you – at no cost – to discuss whatever you're facing right now. Just tell us a little about it here and we'll contact you to set up a meeting.

“I needed professional advice, but I wanted to talk with someone who actually took the time to get to know me as a person. So I called my lawyer.”.

Eastern Animal Hospital on what service really means.

Every day, people rely on us to care for members of their family. We take this responsibility very seriously and care deeply for our patients. Not only is our business built around accessibility and responsiveness, but it also revolves around the personal attention we give each of our patients and families.

I look at my professional relationships through that same lens. If I call someone on Tuesday and they don’t get back to me until Thursday, I know I’m not important to them. It’s that simple.

“They’re accessible to everyone in my organization.”

Dr. Jonathan Kaufman on the Wagonheim difference.

That’s one of the reasons I’m so glad I found Wagonheim. Anyone can tell you you’re important to them. But when they’ve already answered your question and they call you later in the evening just to see if you want to discuss things further because they know you’re really concerned about an issue, you know you’re with someone who actually spends time thinking about you.

Better still, we’re an EHP In-House Counsel client. They’re accessible to everyone in my organization, we’ll get together to talk things over, and I never receive a bill. I’d recommend the EHP In-House Counsel in a heartbeat.

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