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“I needed to make my legal documents easier to understand and more user-friendly…
so I called my lawyer.”

Tyler Tate reaps the benefits of simplicity.

“Construction projects can be complicated. Construction contracts are no different. For a project to be successful, it is imperative that the needs of all stakeholders are met. The same goes for the contracts. The problem is that most contracts are so complicated that no one but the lawyers understand them.

“My lawyer made a document easier to read.
Who knew?”

Tyler Tate on the Wagonheim difference.

Recently, I decided to simplify one of our key engagements. I wanted a contract that was easy to read, spelled out exactly what we were doing, protected us, and was user-friendly. I presented it to Wagonheim for a once-over, only to be told that they wanted to revise it and send it back the next day.

When I read what they sent back, I couldn’t help but laugh.  What I got back was shorter, simpler, more user-friendly, and even protected us better than what I sent over.

My lawyer made the document easier to read. Who knew?.”

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